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eXtractoflex - Overview

eXtractoflex is an affordable business process automation software designed to automatically extract data from paper and/or electronic documents. It can capture data from structured or semi-structured forms such as invoices, purchase orders and proof of delivery documents. It has been especially fine-tuned to automate Accounts Payable invoice processing by extracting all pertinent invoice data (e.g. vendor ID, invoice number and date, PO number, amounts, taxes, terms) and automatically cross referencing it against valid purchase orders for verification. The verified Accounts Payable transactional data is passed to the accounting/ERP system in order to minimize clerical errors, data-entry and other manual interventions.

This software was designed to easily integrate with business and document management systems so that in addition to automating transaction it also practically eliminates paper handling operations such as physical internal mailing, filing, storage and retrieval. The productivity gains are two-fold because it enables automated data-entry and electronic document management.

eXtractoflex can scan and automate the data capture of supplier invoices and waybills that are on paper, faxed or in a PDF format The system is quite affordable and can be easily cost justified. The ROI can be extraordinarily fast for AP departments processing more than 250 supplier invoices per day, due to increased efficiency resulting in lower labour costs.

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