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Welcome to the eXtractoflex business automation site !

eXtractoflex can help streamline and automate invoice processing for the Accounts Payable department; Purchase Order processing for Sales Orders department and received goods reporting for the Receiving departments.

The eXtractoflex solution automates the processing of paper-based transactions such as supplier invoices, customer purchase orders, and proof of delivery documents. It let’s you scan and OCR your documents and automatically extract the pertinent data to minimize manual data input into business systems (e.g. accounting system, ERP, document management system).

This reduces data-entry labor costs and errors. Paper-handling and filing costs are practically eliminated because once the documents are scanned and digitized; they become electronic document files that may be shared, archived and retrieved electronically. The productivity gains through automated data capture can be enormous and fast especially in paper-based operations involving large volumes of AP invoices and sales orders.

eXtractoflex is quite affordable and easy to use and deploy. For more details refer to the product overview.

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