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About - MultiCIM

MultiCIM Technologies inc. is the developer of eXtractoflex. MultiCIM is responsible for promoting and supporting eXtractoflex.

Your Success is Our Objective

Since 1986, MultiCIM has made a constant commitment to ensure that our clients achieve their goals. We have a long and successful record of providing our clients with business process automation solutions that reduce costs, improve productivity and maximize ROI.

MultiCIM solutions methodology

For over 20 years MultiCIM has been using a simple and effective methodology to assist clients in fulfilling their process automation needs. No two clients are alike, so our approach starts with first understanding the client's business and their specific problem; we follow with the preparation of a needs analysis; and then finally preparing a detailed specification for the solution to be delivered. We are pragmatic, so we propose automation only if the implementation is feasible and the ROI makes sense. Cost and time is of the essence; therefore we will whenever possible automate processes using existing software tools that are easily customizable before embarking in new software development efforts.

MultiCIM products

Historically, MultiCIM has undertaken R&D projects to develop new software products when no alternatives were readily available or when the price performance of the available software did not provide the value that our clients deserve. Some MultiCIM developed products are: eXtractoflex, an accounts payable automation tool designed to extract AP accounting data from paper or electronic invoices to minimize if not eliminate manual data entry. eXadox, a general purpose tool to help process, manage, archive and retrieve data and documents on a desktop or enterprise level. ABC Planner, activity-based-costing and production scheduling automation software. ProMenu and ProKey, productivity enhancement software for AutoCAD.

Third party products and related services

MultiCIM provides integration/consulting services and promotes several highly respected software products. Some of these are: Cardiff's TeleForm - a data capture and document recognition system; Cardiff's Liquid Office - an enterprise or departmental workflow solution; Teklynx LabelView and Label Matrix - a barcode and automated ID solution. Applied Materials AutoMod - an industrial simulation tool.

An experienced team at your service

MultiCIM's resources include diverse professionals, experienced in implementing technologically advanced process automation solutions. Our experience from projects in various domains (manufacturing, hospitals, government, distribution) means our team can quickly adapt to your particular environment.

Our raison d'ĂȘtre

We are predominantly a technology-based company therefore we welcome new and difficult challenges. It is through such challenges that we can pursue innovative solutions that are financially rewarding for our clients and also satisfy our own sense of accomplishment. We enjoy delivering on time and offer a full satisfaction guarantee. We take great pleasure in meeting and assisting new clients by delivering our product and services or by simply using our knowledge to provide direction. Your satisfaction and success is also ours !

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